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Blue CSCS Card Skilled

This card will be required when applying for a job of a skilled worker on the site.

Although you are considered an experienced operator, it is very important to be aware of the safety and health rules in place. Working in the most optimal conditions is primarily in your interest.

That’s why employers check if you own a blue CSCS card. They have to make sure that you are in a continuous process of training in labor protection.

This Service includes

  • Registration / Application
  • Skills verification with the assessor
  • Order of the card


You can book for a registration:

Tuesday to Sunday

From 9:00 until 17:00

After the registration an assessor will contact you to arrange an interview in a place of work to verify your knowledge and skills in for your qualification.


To apply for this cscs card you need a photo ID or Passport.



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The Blue Card is the first in the series of cards for advanced operators.

It attests to a higher level of skills in your craft.

After you obtain this card, you will be able to prove that you have:

  • passed the CSCS test.
  • attended SVQ or NVQ Level 2 courses (these attest to your general competence in Health and Safety in Construction).


  • NARIC certification (equivalent to NVQ Level 2).
  • A certificate, certifying the completion of an apprenticeship, issued by the City and Guilds of the London Institute Craft Certificate.
  • If you have completed an apprenticeship attested by the City and Guilds of the London Institute Craft Certificate, you can use the certificate obtained as NVQ / SVQ equivalent in the blue card application process. This type of training is offered and paid by an employer (either the current one or the one who wants to hire you).
  • If you have accreditations obtained in the country, you can equate them with the National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC).
  • Blue Card CSCS can be renewed after 5 years. For the acquisition of advanced workplace skills, Blue Card holders can apply for other CSCS cards. 
  • Health, Security and Environment Test (valid for 2 years). After this period, it requires a new test.


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